Artistsushouldknow: Tyler, The Creator

(Photo by Mark Peckmezian)

(Writing by Ashley Flamenco)

I started listening to Tyler, The Creator, founder of Odd Future, after stumbling upon his music video for “PERFECT.” Right away, I fell in love with this video; the pastel pink, blue, and yellow colors in it were beautiful, Kali Uchis’ voice was so ethereal, and I love how they incorporated Austin Feinstein’s mellow guitar riff and singing at the end.

If you didn’t already know, he makes rap/hip-hop music. I’d say that his music is definitely very different from other hip-hop music that I’ve heard. Some songs use lots of strange beats that transition throughout and are more wild while others are smooth, softer and only include singing. Also, Tyler incorporates a large variety of instruments in his music such as electric guitar, violin, and piano.

Something that I find really cool about his albums is that he’s collaborated with many artists that have such diverse music styles ranging from rock to hip-hop such as Austin Feinstein of Slow Hollows, Chaz Bundick of Toro y Moi, Steve Lacy and Kali Uchis which adds to the diversity of sounds in his own music.

But, making music isn’t the only creative thing Tyler does. He also has a sick clothing line called “GOLF” filled with vibrant colors and wild patterns which he put on the coolest fashion show for last year that included an intro of himself waking up in bed, had a stage full of red and yellow flowers with boys skating on a ramp in the middle, and a performance by him at the end. It was very different from any regular fashion show (which I believe is what he was going for). In addition, he hosts a music festival every fall in L.A. known as Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, created a documentary based on the making of his album, “CHERRY BOMB”, directs and comes up with the ideas for most of (if not all) of his unique music videos, and is coming out with his own show on Viceland called “Nuts and Bolts.” Tyler does so much that I can’t even list everything here.

I feel that many don’t take him seriously because of his goofy persona but he really is talented at everything he does and is luckily, beginning to receive more recognition for his work, not only within music, which he deserves.

As of lately, Tyler has been a big inspiration for me and whether you like his music or not, you can’t deny that he’s incredibly creative. Even if you’re not into his sound, I feel like there’s no way that you can’t like his funny personality or at least respect him as an artist.

By the way, his album, “Flower Boy,” just dropped so if you haven’t already listened to it, please do so; I personally think it’s his best album yet.


My favorite songs:

See You Again

Garden Shed

911/ Mr. Lonely




This is the music video that I fell in love with:


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