Artistsushouldknow: Cuco

(Photo by Jerry Rangel)

(Writing by Ashley Flamenco)

Omar Banos, typically known as Cuco, is a 19 year old solo Chicano musician based in Hawthorne and Los Angeles, California. This teen musician, well known on twitter for his hilarious tweets and handle: @icryduringsex, got his start around a year ago playing at house parties and people’s backyards. Since then he has grown in popularity by a lot and is gaining thousands of new followers on social media each week. He has been selling out most of his shows, including one at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco and is even headlining day one of Viva Pomona this weekend.

Cuco uses lo-fi spacey sounds and electro-pop beats to tell stories of romantic relationships, unrequited love and heartbreak. With lyrics like “I promise I don’t want nobody else to be around me but you” he will melt your heart and his romantic ballads will make you want to have a summer love. His work is something that any young hopeless romantic can totally relate to. He incorporates lots of synth and adds some pretty impressive trumpet solos to most of his songs. Also, you can hear him singing in Spanish in tracks such as “Mi Infinita” and “Amor De Siempre.”

Musicians Steve Lacy (of The Internet) and Kevin Abstract love his music so much that they co-signed his latest track, “Lo Que Siento.”

Not only is Cuco a rising star but he’s definitely becoming a new face for young Chicano and Latinx artists, in general, in an indie music industry that’s predominantly white so it’s cool that he’s giving that kind of representation. He recently performed at a nightclub in LA along with other Latinx artists to fundraise money for undocumented families; it’s really great to see artists like him using their platforms to raise their voices and take action when it comes to these important issues.

Two of his albums (or EPs), “Wannabewithu” and his most recent, “Songs4u,” can be found on most music platforms and he drops singles from time to time. Recently, online, he announced that he’d be releasing a full length album soon and played snippets of some of the music he’s working on so keep your eyes peeled.


My favorite songs:

Stay For A Bit

Lover Is a Day

Amor De Siempre

Lo Que Siento


Enjoy this video of Cuco performing “Amor De Siempre” (in what I believe is someone’s backyard):

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