Artistsushouldknow: Slow Hollows

(Photo by unknown)

(Writing by Ashley Flamenco)

Slow Hollows is a local LA indie rock band who began making music at around the ages of 15 (I believe). The group originally went by the name “Hollows” until they realized there were a couple of other bands with that same name so they decided to add “slow” to theirs.

Their music is soft, lo-fi, slow, as their name suggests, and generally, has a pretty angsty tone which makes sense considering that the band is so young. But, I believe that this allows for many teens to connect with the music. And frontman, Austin Feinstein, has a low, deep voice that goes perfectly with their style.

Sadness, loneliness, and emptiness, are common themes expressed in their lyrics. “I live a life alone/ nothing is real/ nobody’s home” are the first few lines of “Spirit Week,” a song about preferring dreams over reality. Their latest album, “Romantic” which ironically isn’t romantic at all, has a strong focus on these feelings. And tracks towards the second half of the album, that include lyrics like “And the love we feel is fueled by nothing,” sound a lot like break up songs that will probably leave you feeling nostalgic about that high school relationship that didn’t work out. This is definitely good music to sulk in if you’re ever feeling down or experiencing heartbreak but also just to jam out to at anytime. Unlike their two previous albums, trumpets, saxophone and horns are incorporated here giving it a jazzy and relaxing feel. I’ve had “Romantic” on repeat for a little while now.

I also have to mention that this band uses some great guitar riffs and is amazing with chord progression, especially in songs such as “Easy” and “Last Dance,” so it isn’t surprising that Austin, lead singer and guitarist, has worked with Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean at just the ages of 17 and 18. You can hear him playing guitar on and contributing vocals to the chorus of “Self Control” by Frank, playing guitar on songs like “Garden Shed,” “Boredom,” “2SEATER,” and much more by Tyler. You can also catch him in Tyler’s music video for “PERFECT” playing a mellow riff on his guitar along with singing.

As of now, Slow Hollows has three albums out: “Romantic,” “Atelophobia,” and “I’m Just As Bad As You Are” though, their two most recent ones are more popular. In interviews, Austin has mentioned that he isn’t so fond of their first album, “I’m Just As Bad As You Are,” and I can see why; the vocals and quality weren’t very good. But, the band has improved and matured a lot over the years.

Their music may not have the happiest tone but it definitely doesn’t take away from the quality. If anything the melancholy adds to it. You can tell that their work has had a lot of effort put into it and it’s totally worth listening to.


My Favorite Songs:

Luxury of Lull

Hospital Flowers

Last Dance



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