Artistsushouldknow: Cosmo Pyke

(Photo by Kian Benjamin)

(Writing by Ashley Flamenco)

Cosmo Pyke, new musician from South London who’s music is already blowing up, is only 18 years old. But music isn’t his only creative outlet; he’s also a graffiti artist, model, and skater so he’s a very artistic person all around. You might even remember him appearing, briefly, at the beginning of Frank Ocean’s music video for “Nikes” as an extra.

Because Cosmo’s such a new artist, he only has one EP out, “Just Cosmo,” which was released early this year, but we’re hoping to hear more from him soon. On “Just Cosmo,” he sings about a relationship that recently ended and the heartbreak he’s going through but does so in a way that’s sort of happy which you’ll notice through the feel good and summery vibes his music gives off, if you take a listen. Because of this, it’s a great summer album. He also includes a lot discussion about his experiences and what it’s been like growing up in London.

He is often compared to King Krule and although they are both from South London, attended its BRIT school and share similarities in their voices, there are big differences in their two styles. Cosmo’s music is a lot more upbeat and has a reggae vibe to it unlike Krule’s. “Reggae, blues, jazz, hip-hop and indie, mixed together in a pot – my own style,” Cosmo described in an interview with Dazed Magazine. I can see where people are coming from when they compare the two artists but it’s unfair to call Cosmo Pyke a rip off of king krule when not only do their sounds have complete opposite tones but they just happen to be inspired by similar artists and genres. Cosmo has repeatedly claimed that he’s very influenced by old blues and jazz artists which is pretty evident in his music. Something else that really stands out in his work are his velvety, deep vocals, that are very fitting with his blues sound.

His music video for “Chronic Sunshine,” a song he wrote about the vicious and continuous cycle of him having to ride his bike back and forth from his hometown of Peckham to Brixton to visit his (ex) girlfriend, just hit two million views. It’s a great, uplifting video filled with vibrant colors, showing different scenes from him walking the streets of Peckham to smoking while hanging out with friends to sitting in a local diner to, repeatedly, cycling and you can watch it below.

My Favorite songs:

Chronic Sunshine

Social Sites

Wish You Were Gone


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