Photo Diary: Echo Park Rising 2017

(Photos by Leila Grillo)

Alice Bag
Alice Bag
Alice Bag


The Buttertones
The Buttertones
The Buttertones
Surf Curse
Surf Curse
Surf Curse

Funny story (not really): So unfortunately, I missed Alice Bag and The Buttertones because I arrived at the festival pretty late but I was glad that I was at least going to catch Surf Curse. I got to The Echoplex probably at around 9:00 PM and the line was incredibly long. But, after an hour of waiting in line with Leila and Frida, we finally made it into the venue and I was really excited. We even managed to make our way into the pit, surprisingly fast and we then made it our goal to get to the stage to snap some up-close pictures. We danced for (not even kidding) 30 SECONDS before we heard a “thank you” and “goodnight” from the band. We all turned and gave each other confused looks and mumbled “that’s it?” So we were kinda bummed out that we practically missed the whole show. It was definitely disappointing but I admit, my four minutes spent there were pretty fun. Hopefully, we actually get to see them at Tropicalia Fest this November.

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