Steve Lacy: Proving That You Don’t Need Much To Make Good Music

Artists You Should Know, Favorites September 9, 2017

(Written by Ashley Flamenco)

Steve Lacy began rising to stardom after joining R&B group The Internet while he was still in High School. He has not only made a huge contribution to the band’s sound through his guitar-playing skills and groovy vocals, but he also co-produced their Grammy nominated album, “Ego Death,” funnily, without even realizing it. Since then he’s worked with a long lineup of high profile artists. Some of his most notable collaborations have been his work with Kendrick Lamar, producing “PRIDE” off of “DAMN,” being featured on J. Cole’s “4 Your Eyez Only,” singing on tracks like “Only Girl” by Kali Uchis and “911/ Mr. Lonely” by Tyler, The Creator, and so much more. The 19 year old artist has already accomplished so much in his short career.

His path to making music began after his mother, knowing of Steve’s musical abilities, had him attend a high school that had a talented Jazz Band in need of a bass player. Steve filled that position and quickly grew a love for jazz and a deeper appreciation for music in general. Here, he met a musician who worked in the same studio as Syd, from The Internet. This eventually led him to the band.

“Steve Lacy’s Demo,” his first project as a solo artist, released this year, is a 13 minute collection of songs. And guess what? It was all recorded on his Iphone, using Garage Band, showing people that you don’t need fancy expensive equipment to make good music, something that has and will continue to inspire many aspiring musicians.

Steve likes to refer to his style as “plaid,” a genre he made up himself. He explains, in a video by WIRED, that he came up with this as he was shopping at a thrift store and came across a plaid shirt that reminded him of his music — the multiple colors and patterns in the garment reminded him of his work because of the many different sounds and styles that he combines in it. He infuses a large variety of sounds including jazz, soul, indie, hip hop, and R&B but merges everything in a smooth manner. Though he has a small discography, he’s given us a nice taste of his groovy/alternative R&B music exciting us for what more’s to come from him in the future.



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