(By Miguel Anderson)

(Photo by Marlon Moses)

Shane Blanchard, who refers to himself as “Bane’s World,” a nickname given to him by friends in High School, is an artist from Long Beach, California. Bane’s World has come into the indie music scene at no better time; with the scene not even reaching its peak yet, he has already secured his presence as an outstanding artist along with his peers: Cosmo Pyke, Cuco, and Temporex, who all share similarities in style and sound.

Shane has been putting out music for about 2 years now and since then, he has garnered a lot of attention from artists like Temporex and Tyler, The Creator who recently attended one of his shows and shouted him out on social media. The band has been performing all over LA County and has been added to a couple of festival lineups.

He’s a small artist who has one full project out titled Drowsy, a title that is fitting for an artist like him whose sound actually gives off a drowsy feel, an effect that is delivered through synth-heavy tunes and guitar strums. His music almost sounds as if it were recorded underwater which gives it this wavy-dreamlike vibe. Shane’s style consists of a blend of slacker rock, lo-fi beats, and blues. A comparison of sound would be HOMESHAKE, who isn’t really confined to the slacker rock or lo-fi style, just as Shane, but whose music blends these both genres to create a style unique to him. Funny enough, In an interview with Lucid Dream Magazine, Bane even lists Mac Demarco and HOMESHAKE as a dream collaboration– which is appropriate since they both have similar sounds. To go even further, I would compare him to Cuco in the way that they sort of came up in this new “lo-fi” wave of indie artists.

If you’re into a combination of mellow tunes, slacker rock, and lo-fi, there’s no doubt that you’ll love Banes World. “Drowsy,” his first musical project, is filled with sad sounding love songs that are best listened to on a summer night. You can find him on SoundCloud, where most of his work lives, Spotify, BandCamp, Apple Music, and most streaming sites.

Favorite songs:

You Say I’m In love

Stay Away from My Baby


Dream Boat

Still Lovely