Night On Broadway 2018

Photos by Araceli Almanza

Writing by Ashley Flamenco

Night On Broadway is an event that is hosted annually in one of the most lively places in LA — Downtown. Musicians and DJs from everywhere perform at the festival and due to the incredible diversity of the city, not only did we see artists share their music but we saw them proudly sharing bits and pieces of their cultures. In addition to music, there were many art installations to look at in between sets and lots of good food to eat. Stage Confessions fortunately got the opportunity to photograph artists at the event such as La Santa Cecilia, who’s set was probably my favorite. Wearing a long beautiful green dress with a sparkly embroidered virgen on it, Marisol of La Santa Cecilia moved a crowd full of generations of families to tears; I saw so many lovely mothers and daughters holding each other. Many people from all over LA attended the festival where they got to see some of their favorite artists, new and old, and come together as a community, something that’s very important.

La Santa Cecilia:






Jasper Bones:









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