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Stage Confessions is a website that stemmed from a couple of kids love for music. It not only aims to share some of our favorite music with readers but also to give new artists (especially those who are often overlooked) the recognition that their musical talent truly deserves. And this is probably the only music website you will find that has a strong focus on representing minorities in the music industry such as people of color. Something that we also make very apparent on Stage Confessions, which differentiates us from other music journalists, is that WE ARE NOT CRITICS; we intend to create a positive community of music lovers and remain artist-friendly by always keeping a respectful attitude towards the artists and work we feature. For example, you may notice that albums discussed on here are never given ratings; not only is it pointless to give a biased opinion on something that many people will have completely different thoughts on but we understand the sweat and tears that go into one’s art.

Here, you’ll find an array of playlists that’ll get you into some new tunes, see some sick photos taken at shows, read discussions on new albums and groundbreaking occurrences in the music world and much more. Hopefully you’ll discover some new music here and fall in love with it just as we have.

(We are based in Los Angeles and The Bay Area)

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Stage Confessions staff:

Meet Ashley….

The editor in chief. She’s a 17-year-old Latina living in Los Angeles who spends the majority of her time writing about music and dancing at concerts. Her massive love for music began to grow at the age of 13 when she started listening to classic rock and since then, her taste has expanded to everything from R&B to pop with an ever growing list of artists she loves. This website is something that she’s very passionate about and her goal is to one day have it surpass Pitchfork.

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Meet Miguel….

The assistant editor. He’s a 16-year-old living in the Eastern San Francisco Bay Area who enjoys street-wear, music, meeting people, discovering new places and learning. Most of his time is spent at concerts, writing about music and hanging out with friends. Miguel’s music taste is constantly evolving as he is always listening to something new but his favorite genres include Hip-Hop, R&B and Rock. Currently, he is enrolled in SMASH UC Berkeley and is taking courses in journalism, music and graphic design at Youth Radio, an award winning media outlet that provides youth with resources and a platform to express themselves.

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Meet Louis….

The photographer + writer. He’s an 18-year-old Chicano living in the Bay Area who enjoys going to concerts and fighting against injustice. He grew up in San Francisco and has plans to move to Los Angeles after completing college (if he even wants to finish). He has dreams of shooting for magazines like V Magazine, Vogue, Fader, i-D, and more. He’s had his work published on Contra Costa’s college paper, The Advocate, which has 15 National Pacemaker Awards and is a part of the Associated Collegiate Press Hall of Fame. He’s photographed Cuco, Billie Eilish, Isaiah Payne, and plans on shooting more artists in the future. You can probably find him at a coffee shop getting his daily dose of caffeine and editing a piece or some photos.

Portfolio: youngbrujo.com
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Meet Leila….

The photographer. She’s a 17- year- old living in Silver Lake who enjoys watching The Office and likes the scent of tobacco candles. She has a strong passion for taking photos of interesting people and has even had one of her photographs displayed in a gallery in New York. Leila hopes to one day live on the coast of Italy, travel the world, and shoot for Vogue. Some of her favorite artists include David Bowie and composer Nicola Piovani and she enjoys the occasional 1920s jazz. You can probably find her in the studio photographing for hours and contemplating life and the universe in which we live.

Personal Portfolio: leilagrillo.wordpress.com

StageConfessions  Portfolio: stageconfessions.com/portfolio

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