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The 50 Best Albums Of 2018

The year 2018 has granted us a lot of music. We’ve seen numerous albums, from newcomer debuts to veteran releases. …

The Future of Pop (Pt. 1)

These are the artists who are challenging the barriers of today’s pop. Bringing their experimentation to the forefront, they are the future of pop.


Sara King, known for her music covers on YouTube, has just released her very first single, “Dreamz,” that is unsurprisingly dreamy and magical.

Music Videos You Should Watch (Pt. 1)

Grimes wrapped up in a giant yellow snake, Tyler, The Creator covered in butterflies, and Kali Uchis growing a man out of the ground — these are just a few moments from some great music videos that you need to watch.


Crush is the R&B romance-filled work of soulful singer Ravyn Lenae and executive producer Steve Lacy that confronts the feelings around intimate relationships.

Meet Katzú Oso

Meet Katzu Oso, a rising artist from Montebello who makes romantic synth jams.

Meet Temporex

Meet Temporex, a 17 year old solo artist from San Diego who makes chill electro-pop music.