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I'm photographer + writer. I'm an 18-year-old unapologetic Chicano living in the Bay Area who enjoys going to concerts and fighting against injustice. I grew up in San Francisco and plan to move to Los Angeles after completing college (if I even want to finish). I have dreams of shooting for magazines like V Magazine, Vogue, Fader, i-D, and more. I've had my work published in Contra Costa’s college paper, The Advocate, which has 15 National Pacemaker Awards and is a part of the Associated Collegiate Press Hall of Fame. I've photographed Cuco, Billie Eilish, Isaiah Payne, and plan on shooting more artists in the future. You can probably find me at a coffee shop getting my daily dose of caffeine and editing a piece or some photos.


Kali Uchis’ Isolation stands out amongst other debut albums with its poetic lyrics, ethereal melodies, and outstanding production.