Hello. The Stage Confessions team currently has a lot on their hands with preparing new articles for 2018 and working on some exciting upcoming projects to expand the site. We are a small team so we’re going to need some help. We’re currently looking for writers, photographers, web-designers, filmmakers, and basically artists of all types. We have tons of big things planned for the year and we’d love to work with many creatives. If you’re based in the SoCal or Bay Area and are interested in joining our team to work on some fun artistic projects along with sharing your love for music, please contact us with the following by February 28th:

  • Full name, age, and contact information (phone # and/or email)
  • A sample of your work (a written piece on music, photo portfolio, etc.)
  • A small paragraph telling us a bit about yourself, experience you may have had in your field of art, and why you’d like to work on this site; also, we’d love to know who some of your favorite musicians are

Make sure to read our About page before submitting in order to get an idea of what we do here and what our mission is!!

Tasks on Stage Confessions may include:

  • Writing weekly articles
  • Running social media accounts
  • Site design
  • Sending out frequent emails for different inquiries
  • Composing weekly newsletters
  • Filming
  • Interviewing
  • Photographing artists
  • Covering events