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A Magical Evening with Kali Uchis at The Ace of Spades

Photo Diaries March 10, 2018

(Photos taken & edited by Louis Cano)

(Written by Louis Cano)

As the lights dimmed down, the crowd knew it was time and began chanting Kali’s name. Everyone was already hyped up and ready thanks to El Tio, a nickname the crowd gave the DJ who opened up. Kali’s band started to come out one by one and that’s when she approached the stage in a retro/genie look, a mix between the 60s and “I Dream Of Jeannie”.

She opened up with “Speed” and man did her band go off. This year she has a new band on tour with her, Mike on the bass, Angélica on the guitar, Branden on the drums and Vicky on the keys. Last year she toured with Phony Ppl, not only as her band but as her openers as well.

The show was full of smiles, screams of excitement, and tears. Kali has such a magical presence on stage. Never a bad moment at a Kali show. No matter how much the crowd tends to get rowdy with the pushing, the moment she starts to perform, you forget about everything and lose yourself to the music.

When you go to a Kali show, prepare for a wig snatching (twitter lingo) because she KNOWS how to put on a show. Make sure to keep an eye out for more dates because I have a gut feeling that this is just the beginning of the many shows she’s about to do this year (aside from festivals).